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What the World Needs Now: A Joan and Peggy Mad Men Spinoff

Illustration for article titled What the World Needs Now: A Joan and Peggy iMad Men/i Spinoff

Fresh off wrapping the final season of Mad Men, Peggy Olson herself floated the idea of giving Joan and Peggy their own show because she digs Christina Hendricks and thinks it would be interesting to see Joan and Peggy head into the 1970's. Yes, please.


Moss reports that even Mad Men's macho stars couldn't hold back tears on the final day of shooting the award-festooned series. Like the true class act she is, she didn't reveal which men, but she didn't say Jon Hamm didn't cry. So I'm going to take that as an affirmation.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live!, Moss explained that wrapping a hit show wasn't a tragedy and it wasn't anything to be sad about, but still. Emotional experience. Involving tears of men. Which she ostensibly collects in a mug and drinks as a life-giving serum.


While the image of some guys crying all over their late 1960's suits is a touching one (or amusing one, depending on the cold blackness of your heart), the most intriguing takeaway from Moss's appearance is the tantalizing idea of giving audiences the chance to see Joan and Peggy hurtle through the era of Nixon toward disco, punk, Roe v. Wade, and Carter. To bravely step away from their well-structured 60's wardrobes into the fashion of the 70s. Imagine Joan in a Halston dress!

I'd watch the shit out of that show.

Image via AMC

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