What The Ladies Are Talking About: Abortions, Boobs, And Eating Squirrel Meat

The past week of lady talk shows was pretty grim, and not the wacky romp of group vagina smiles or porn convos that we've grown used to. (For example Oprah had an episode all about a woman whose husband offed himself and left her a million dollars in debt on purpose, just to be a jerk.) Tyra had an episode dedicated to teen pregnancy, but she took the Juno route, where abortion was mentioned, but not at all explored. In the clip above, watch as a group of teen girls discuss pregnancy without actually discussing sex or exploring its other consequences. But at least we can always count on Barbara Walters and the girls at The View to bail us out of infuriating conversations with the best sound bites!

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Trixie from Toronto

That was indeed obscenely depressing. I hate to say it of you Americans, whom I truly love: but what the fuck is wrong with you people? What is going on down there? How has the Christian right been so successful on the reproduction/no sex ed/no abortion front? Every American I know personally (blue states only, for the most part) is so goddamned smart — so who ARE those people?

Sweet mother of Christ!

It is a weird, weird thing to behold from this side of the border. My teenaged daughter looked at me when she heard Jamie Lynn was pregnant and said: "I'd have been at the abortion clinic in five minutes flat if that happened to me." And I felt pride. And that didn't just come from me. They get educated about birth control and abortion up here.