Wendy Williams Thinks Kesha Ruling Was 'Fair,' Wonders Why She Didn't Film the Abuse as Proof

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Wendy Williams, frequent possessor of bad, stupid, and unreasonable opinions, shared a few about the situation between Kesha and Dr. Luke on her show Monday. Unsurprisingly, they are bad, stupid, and unreasonable.


Williams said:

“Unfortunately business is business, and it sounds like it’s fair. If everybody complained because somebody allegedly sexually abused them...contracts would be broken all the time...Kesha’s no spring chicken. I mean she’s like, 30 years old?...So she wasn’t stupid 10 years ago and neither was her mother when the sexual abuse—alleged sexual abuse—started, why weren’t they rolling camera on it?”

It sort of sounds like Williams is suggesting all women be burdened with providing video evidence of their sexual assault before claiming they’re victims of it, which sort of sounds like one of the worst opinions I’ve heard in long time.

You can watch the video of Williams’s Very Bad Thoughts below.

Demi Lovato is NOT nor has she EVER BEEN in a feud with Taylor Swift, and took to Instagram to let everyone to know that her comments immediately following Swift’s donation to Kesha were simply a result of her being “fired up.”



I’m going to take a deep breath and try to give this story to you in one sentence. Here we go.


Justin Ross Lee and his current girlfriend Kate Nardi, Jeremy Piven’s ex-girlfriend, are both mad at Piven for constantly texting Kate Nardi things like, “In case you forgot”—accompanied by photos presumably of his dick—so Justin Ross Lee put Piven’s number on social media and told strangers to “text/call Jeremy Piven yourself and ask him to leave Kate alone.”


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The Noble Renard

What the hell is Wendy even suggesting with that comment? The clip cuts out immediately before she clarifies what she means by “rolling camera on it, you know like a camera [cuts out]” but she puts her hand up to the top of her head like she’s talking about filming sexual abuse with a GoPro. Like, WTF? A: GoPro hadn’t even released its first digital camera 10 years ago, and B: who the fuck thinks that a sexual abuser is going to assault someone who is wearing a camera?

Not only is it insulting it’s just baffling.