What Rap Videos Would Look Like If They Objectified Men

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The new video for "Just Got Paid" by Millionaires reverses sexist rap video cliches, with women singing about getting laid and throwing bills at male strippers. But the ladies aren't exactly making a stand against objectifying women.


If you watch the video below on mute, it looks like a satire of barely-clothed female dancers getting hosed down with champagne in many rap videos. The women of Millionaires are first shown at a male strip club wearing menswear-inspired outfits and they don't expose much skin throughout the video. The women continue to party in their limo, and later in the club some of the male dancers are shown wearing collars and being forced to drink champagne out of bowls on the floor.

With the sound on, it's clear why "Just Got Paid" is such a fitting title for the video. Though the song reverses typical gender roles with women rapping about drinking and just looking to hook up, describing it as a feminist commentary on the exploitation of women in music videos would be quite a stretch, especially with lyrics like:

Can you believe i get paid to shake my ass on stage?
We're getting drunk every you're makin minimum wage
We live the life you wish bitch don't say shit!
No talent just lucky but they still wanna fuck me

Millionaires, which consists of sisters Melissa and Allison Green and their friend Dani Artaud, formed in 2007 when the three women started playing with Garageband on their computer. It seems their first songs were created as a joke, but they were listened to more than 32 million times on MySpace, according to Under The Gun Review, and eventually got a record deal.

The group was promoted by MTV, appearing on TRL last year and recording the theme for A Double Shot at Love. They are currently performing on Warped Tour, but have acquired as many critics as fans. Reviewers on iTunes say their music is like "verbal diarrhea" and "the voices make my ears bleed" and even blame them for everything wrong with their generation, with one review declaring that they're the reason there's more "violence/sex/crime associate with young people."

In addition to hating Millionaires because they have no musical talent (which they openly admit), many reviewers comment that they're unladylike and are shaming their parents. Almost all of Millionaires' songs are about binge drinking, sex, and violence, with other songs featuring equally charming lyrics such as:

Look at that fat slut over there
Her dress is so tight, it's making me stare
She's lickin' on that lollipop with her tongue
So lets just shoot her
With our guns!


Stupid and offenisve, yes, but male rappers have said worse things about women and threatened violence in their lyrics...and it's hard to imagine anyone saying they're disgracing their families. Unfortunately, Millionaires are seem to be bragging that they behave like male rappers typically do not because they need to express their passion for shooting "fat sluts" but because they're into gimmicks. There isn't really anything clever about how Millionaires reverse gender roles, and their degradation of men is pointless...and just as bad as the more common alternative.

Below, the video for "Just Got Paid":


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I can hear the three scrawny hipsters leaving the set. "I thought we were going to be in an american apparel ad" "at least we got champagne!"