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What Not To Wear (If You're Fat)

Illustration for article titled What Not To Wear (If Youre Fat)

The Mirror has a list of tips on what to wear if you feel you're thin and want to "dress yourself curvy." "Many skinny women don't feel sexy, they feel gawky or boyish." Oh really? Boo-hoo. (Guess what "curvy" women feel like? Shrek!) "Being tall and thin there is a long list of clothes that you can wear," the story continues, casually reminding thousands of more portly readers of the fashions that are not available to them. The list includes: "Thick and busy fabrics" (which give "greater visual presence"); "low-waisted, straight-legged boy-cut jeans" and "eye-catching large prints." The paper also suggests that skinnies avoid "stretchy wrap-dresses." This is one garment that always looks better on "real people" than catwalk models." Take that, skinny bitches! Leave the wrap dresses to us "real people."
What to Wear If You're Skinny [Mirror; Image via Modern Mechanix]


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Lots of skinny hate on here.

Skinny bitches also come in all shapes and proportions. Some don't have flat or hollow bum cheeks or chicken legs or look consumptive. I don't understand that bitter attitude.

What I appreciate about being very slim is not only the actual body comfort itself -face it, moving without feeling bits of your body jiggling independently from the rest IS easier - but also the invaluable convenience of saying, "Bah, I'll just throw on a tube top, a skirt/ a pair of jeans, and flats on" and looking sexy and put together.

This whole counter current of accept-your-curves, thinness-is-never-natural is insidious and highly unhealthy. America, you are the fattest nation in the world. Stop trying to find fault with the slim and focus on not dying or developing a serious health issue by 40.

Let the skinny be.