What Makes A Name "Sexy"?

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A post on a blog called Mio Destino (part of the Coutorture network) asks you to imagine a gorgeous woman at a bar, "sipping a cocktail, wearing a spectacular dress and looking sexy. Now when I tell you this imaginary woman is named 'Hilary' it doesn't sound quite right does it?" We're sure many Hilarys would disagree (and don't even get us started on Hillary Clinton), but the point is that some names sound "sexy," and some do not. The story was prompted by the news that a new UK TV channel is going to be called "Dave." Because "everyone knows a bloke called Dave." But when it comes to women, what's in a name? In the post, the person named Rex (?!) writes,

Some female names just sound attractive, sometimes because of famous women who have the name, but also due to the sound they make: Amelia, Penelope, Naomi - all roll off the tongue with a hint of the foreign, the exotic, and the downright sexy. This of course is still irrespective of how the women might really look.


The writer goes on to ask, "What's your ideal name for your perfect girl?" And while I'm weirded out that this is something guys actually devote brain energy towards, as a person with an unusual name, I often think about what names mean, what feelings they invoke, whether they sound pleasing, are fun to say, seem sassy, smart, cute or sexy. Even if you're open minded, don't the names Mildred and Ethel inspire a certain mental picture? It may not be fair, but it happens. While the blogger's choices, Amelia, Penelope and Naomi — are nice names, are they inherently sexy? What about slinky names like Lola, Maxine, Sophia, Serena, Zahara (not taking Ms. Jolie-Pitt into account)? And what if that mythic, stunning woman at the bar is named Hillary? Doesn't that suddenly become the sexiest name?

What's in a name? [MioDestino, via Coutorture]

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I never meet anyone with my name, literally. I'm guessing my mom was really stoned and it was easy to say... I never got a song until 'Stacy's Mom' which made me mad b/c my mom is totes hotter than me. Anyway, I like names that end in -ah sounds, I'd like to name my first daughter Raiyah, if I ever have one.