• Everyone loves YouTube's "A Fat Rant". [NYTimes]
  • Three formerly-overweight British women describe the traumas that finally got them to diet. [DailyMirror]
  • Speaking of Brits: Two-thirds of British women fantasize about having group sex but only one-third like to get spanked? Something's rotten in the state of Denmark. [TheSun]
  • Another reason to hate your smug married friends. Family Studies professor Stephanie Coontz says that married couples are "less likely to visit, call, and offer practical help to neighbors, parents and other relatives." [HuffingtonPost]
  • Is it called rape if a man pretending to be your boyfriend climbs into your bed and has sex with you in the dark? Apparently not, according to the state of Massachusetts. [Feministing]
  • We knew it! Milk does not necessarily do a body good. [NYTimes]
  • Ugh. A midwife has been jailed after pulling a new mother's umbilical cord so hard that the woman began hemorrhaging. [GuardianUK]

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