What is this, a new trend? Gil Magira, an Israel-born baker, is on trial today for putting abortion-inducing pills into his wife, Anat Abraham's breakfast in November 2006. According to the BBC, Magira, a London resident, crushed up the tablets and put them into Abraham's yogurt, in her cereal, and in a sandwich. Luckily, the child was not killed, and was born unharmed. His lawyers describe Magira as an eccentric "Woody Allen character," and say he realizes what he did wrong and wants to help raise the child that was born last year. Abraham suffered pain and bleeding after she ingested the tablets. She told the court, "I realized I had lived with a person for 10 years who I don't really know." [BBC News]

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@BAngieB: And if you aren't really mad, I'd like to share custody of the kid too! Sure I tried to murder it as a fetus, but now, I swear, I am totally ready to take responsibility.