Japanese Cafe Brilliantly Tops Dessert With Larger Dessert

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Fuck a cherry, topping parfaits with slices of cake is where it's AT.

Since we're on a food kick here tonight at Jezebel (LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING), MIOR Cafe in Osaka is the place to get dessert on top of dessert. Doesn't it seem like the British should've thought of this first — what with their national obsession with puddings? Almost every menu in that country is at least 3/4 desserts, and most of them are things like "Grand Cookie Pudding" (Super large cookie-brownie enclosed in an even more enormous cookie-brownie, served on a king-sized bed of Christmas pudding, topped with seven scoops vanilla ice cream and 1/2 gallon caramel sauce, garnished with five cups figgy pudding, and served with accompanying salad spinner filled with jam roly-poly and Knickerbocker Glory.)


Point is, it appears the English really dropped the ball on this one.

[via Rocket News]


John Boehner

What is everyone's favorite dessert? Mine is Victoria sponge. My dog's favorite is strawberry ice cream (he goes BATSHIT for it- I don't know if it's the flavor or the coldness of it).