Okay, so for the past few years, it's been obvious that something is clearly up with with Renée Zellweger's face. (As seen on The View this morning, Tracy Ullman does an entire bit about this in her upcoming Showtime special State Of The Union.) At first, a common theory was that Renee was succumbing to the pressures put on women in Hollywood and had a bunch of shit injected into her mug, but during this interview from last night's The Insider, she was slurring her words and being really weird. [Maybe she's just upset about Anthony Minghella? -Ed.] Then, when I saw interviewer Steven Cojocaru, I was reminded that his face grew puffy because of kidney problems. Perhaps Renée's face is like that because she's been drinking or popping stuff that would give her kidney or liver probs of her own?