Taylor Swift Replaces a Rabid Rat as NYC's New Welcome Ambassador

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Courtesy the song "Welcome To New York," Taylor Swift has been named "NYC's Global Welcome Ambassador for Tourism," making one wonder if the song was just a super-genius Bloombergian scheme hatched by Swift and the tourism board to promote 1989 and also all those fugnacious condos they keep letting people build.


"Global Welcome Ambassador for Tourism," actually, is a pretty apt title. (I'm just saying, I was totally right.) Here, watch a video in which Swift explains why New York is a unique city, and describes why it "pulled" her to it "like a magnet," and how it helped her write 1989, a pop album she describes as "clean and good and right."

Swift has lived in New York City (in a $20 million double-loft in Tribeca, to be exact), for about seven months, close to the generally-accepted amount of time that it takes transplants to kinda get used to the pace. I guess now that she is our Ambassador of Tourism, though, that means she is a real New Yorker, as recognized by the City of New York. The first time I felt like a real New Yorker was probably somewhere within the first six or so months, when I got off the train and, in a perfect confluence of timing, hell, and migration patterns, managed to accidentally step ON a rat as it was scurrying from trash bag to trash bag. Or maybe that time a few years back, after I'd lived in the same apartment for seven or eight years, that I got mugged at knifepoint on my own front stoop. Party! Burning question, fellow New Yorkers: how were you Welcomed to New York?

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Aurelius Robles

"I guess I finally felt like a real New York rat when, as I was on my way from my breakfast trash bag to my brunch trash bag, I was rudely stepped upon by a woman getting off the train. Cracked three ribs, but I remember her shoes were fabulous."