What Happens When You Remove All of the Women From a Small Town?

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The Week The Women Went, a "social experiment" — in which all of the women are removed from a small town, and a camera crew films the results — has been done for CBC Television in Canada and for the BBC Three. Now, Americans can find out what happens when ladies leave, men stop being polite… and start getting real. Or something. According to the network, The Week The Women Went, which will air on Lifetime in August, will

explore modern gender roles and find out what happens when all of the women leave town, leaving the men behind to run their households, businesses and community on their own.


Interesting, but hopefully it's not just about how women are the best at taking care of kids and keeping things clean.

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I know when I leave my house for more than a hour total fucking chaos happens. I don't know if the kids are less messy because I give them shit for it or if they know better. Maybe because I'll make the effort to pick some of the mess up. But when the kids are left with their dad the house looks like someone picked it up and shook it. I can't imagine what it would look like should I be gone for a week. Also I love my husband but I cook for him because he is so damn messy. I would rather go into the kitchen and make his breakfast/whatever than let him do it. He can fix his own snacks. And when he isn't making a mess he's trying to improve things but only succeeding in making it worse. The less time he spends in the kitchen the better.