Last night's premiere of 16 and Pregnant featured a young woman better off than most teen moms. (She's in college and gets free daycare from her parents.) But she still has to deal with the baby who fathered her child.

Maci says that she didn't even consider having an abortion when she found out she was pregnant. (In fact, she wouldn't even say the word "abortion.") Even though she's five years younger than the father of her child, she's obviously way more mature than he is, and ready to handle the responsibility of juggling school, work, and motherhood. Not surprisingly, she feels resentful of her fiancé because he goes out with his friends after work and doesn't return home until their baby is sleeping. It seems like when a lot of teenage girls are willing to go through with the pregnancy, they think that the responsibilities of raising a child will fall equally on both parents. And that's the way it should be, but really, it rarely ever is.