What Happens When a Good Girl Goes Bad for Just a Little While

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Sometimes, as a young woman, having everything in place is just exactly what you don't want. You're in your 20s, have a good job, an ever-growing 401K, a working automobile, brunch plans blocked out in your Google calendar for the next 6 Saturdays, maybe even a live-in boy- or girlfriend. Maybe even a cat. And you hate your life.


Jessica Dorfman Jones's life started out something like this. And when it got unbearably boring, just before she was about to turn 30, she traded in her day job, wifely bread baking, and the laws of marriage for the life of a rock star — complete with endless nights in dark clubs, coke binges, and vigorous extramarital sex with a guitar teacher who looked like a "Jewish Vinnie Barbarino" (gulp).

Klonopin Lunch (named for the friendly little pill that helped Jones through some of her more panic-addled relationship drama) is the very true and very funny story of a woman who found herself through intentionally ripping her life to shreds and piecing it back together again.

Here's what people are saying about Klonopin Lunch:

A massively entertaining memoir... the writing-expressive, ribald, honest-keeps this hard-core cautionary tale lively, diverting, and fresh. — ELLE Magazine

A funny, sexy memoir of a good girl gone momentarily very bad. Jones is a talented writer. The chapter explaining the book's title is a masterpiece of comic writing, and Jones writes freshly and perceptively about love, lust and sex. Despite ample evidence of her real-life ability to lie, in her book, at least, she is starkly (and wittily) honest about her own faults while being generous toward the deeply flawed men in her life.

Some readers will find Jones' sins unappealing, but many will be eager to see what other books come out of her — a guilty pleasure. — Kirkus Reviews

Sex, drugs, rock and roll, even love-Klonopin Lunch has it all. Brave, heartbreaking in spots, laugh-out-loud funny in others, Jessica Dorfman Jones's story is a captivating mix of depravity and heart. — Jancee Dunn, author of Why is My Mother Getting a Tattoo? And Other Questions I Wish I Never Had to Ask

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