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What Happened to Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe Sketch on Last Week’s SNL?

Illustration for article titled What Happened to Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe Sketch on Last Week’s emSNL/em?

Gossip-hoarding TMZ has it on good authority that Saturday Night Live cancelled a sketch last week that featured Lindsay Lohan and Jon Hamm as Marilyn Monroe and JFK, who both visit Andy Samberg's Rick Santorum and tell him — we assume with a hilarious deadpan — that Monroe was put on birth control she obtained through Medicaid. Rick Santorum subsequently vomits uncontrollably. End scene.


Though the sketch apparently made it through rehearsals, TMZ reports that it was cut at the last minute due to "time constraints," which means that Jon Hamm's Kennedy accent was either so terrible (Lohan could probably do a great Marilyn Monroe) that it would have dimmed his star forever, or Andy Samberg actually vomited from disgust at having to momentarily inhabit the Old Testament-addled mind of Rick Santorum. The Atlantic's Seth Abramovitch also suggests that the sketch might have been deemed "too controversial in light of the growing Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy," but it's hard to imagine that some peripheral controversy about Limbaugh being a dick-head prevented Jon Hamm and Lindsay Lohan from giving us an awesome sketch. Even if the sketch was deemed so terrible the public could never see it, it would probably have been better than most of the other crap SNL treated us to last week.

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Jon Hamm already played JFK in a sketch from 2008.