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What Guys Think About the Hair Down There

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome back to Guysourcing, where a panel of helpful gentlemen answer your questions! This week, we asked, (again by reader request — keep 'em coming, readers!) "What do you expect to see, pubic-hair-wise, when the pants come off? And what are your reactions to your partners' choice? Completely shaven? Landing strip? Trimmed? Au naturel? Do you have a preference?" Below, guys share their pubic preferences:

No stubble, please

I go au naturel and don't mind if my partners do as well, as long as they're not excessively hairy (you know who you are). I think having it look too sculpted looks too much like a pornstar (in a bad way). And don't get me started on stubble.

A bit of grooming

I think expecting topiary is ... weird, but I think I expect grooming? Not au naturel, but not a landing strip or anything, either. I don't know — I generally keep my own pubic hair fairly short, but just like I can accidentally forget to give myself a hair cut, I can let things go longer than I meant to downstairs, too. I don't think anything is a deal breaker, but by inclination — or by enculturation, I guess to be more precise — I tend to prefer close grooming.


That's up to the woman. I can't think of anything more personal than how you deal with your pubes. Personally I like as much pubes as possible because they tickle my penis and feel good during sex. That said, if the girl feels cleaner or more comfortable waxed/shaved/whatever that's her choice. But, as far as I'm concerned it's all beautiful and I just feel lucky to know what her pussy looks like. What I will say is that nearly every male friend I've known who has made a comment about not liking girl pubes has eventually come out as gay. That's anecdotal and not a perfect sample, but I suspect it's probably not that that far off. And I will say that when going down on a woman the more pubes she has the better the experience because you get much more "girl smell" and pheromones than if she's hairless.



I don't have any expectations about upkeep, neglect or an unkempt and untrimmable quim hair. I know every woman's different, and I feel that it's kind of not my place to present demands. However, I was raised in the heart of a generation of pornography that seemed to almost abhor an au naturel appearance. I think that and the significantly decreased chance that I'll catch a free-floating hair in the recesses of my throat make me prefer — but not demand — trimmed or completely absent downstairs hair.

Landing strip

I think using the term of expectation is very problematic. I would never expect anything from someone when it comes to hair maintenance down there, I'm not an asshole. Now, what style do I prefer? Different story entirely. I personally find something along the lines of a "landing strip" or a manicured v shape the most. Shows the person you are going down on is, you know, a grown adult. However, as long as things are maintained and neat I am fine.

I am definitely not a fan of the "au natural" unkept look. To me it comes across as someone who doesn't really care about their appearance. In terms of if it is not even remotely trimmed. I would never expect someone to take the time to shave or wax every single time (I credit any woman who takes hot wax to that area ... the thought makes me cringe strongly), but it doesn't take that much time to take a trimmer and do some maintenance. I do it myself. I walk the talk and my expectations of others are expectations of myself.

A road less traveled

Perhaps my view is unenlightened, but I view pubic hair much as I view roads and highways. A minimally-maintained personal region on a woman (little to no trimming) suggests that this particular route doesn't get a lot of traffic, and that anyone who does show up here, probably already knows the territory. Conversely, one could be forgiven for feeling that meticulous, effort-intensive maintenance correlates to an expectation of higher traffic (a consistently waxed/shaven vagina, Interstate 95.)

Correlation isn't causation; I'm sure some girls who don't get laid much wax religiously, and some who do, don't bother. Same goes for women in monogamous relationships; I know some who wax or shave completely to keep husbands/boyfriends happy, and others just because they prefer the look. It means nothing on its own, but it's an interesting data point to plug into the equation.

My personal preference is the gently-maintained landing strip. Totally shaven makes a naked woman look exposed and makes me feel like a predator. The opposite is also true — I'm not excited to encounter Sasquatch. But it shouldn't really matter. If a girl disrobes with you, and your first or even second thought is a critique of her topiary arrangement instead of just "She's naked! With me! Hooray!" then, well, you're kind of an idiot.


"Nothing fancy"

Trimmed, nothing fancy, and please don't shave it. Prepubescence shouldn't ever give dudes a boner, and really, if your partner demands a bald downstairs, know there are a billion other guys who want to see something there, and will love you for it. Seeing you've left something, but have taken the care to not let it go nuts, tells me you have a degree of self-respect, both in keeping yourself tidy and in your own beautiful, amazing pubic world. But if you're into going hairless, that's your call. I'm also not looking to run my hands through anything unless it's atop your head. As long there's nothing preventing my face from doing the business, I'm good. Team Pubes.


The last guy I dated waxed himself completely, from the neck on down. I was ... less than enthused by this, especially when he started getting stubbly and itchy in places where really, you never want to experience those sensations. I'm not really into hairy guys, but waxing/shaving your pubic region is just unattractive to me. To all the guys who do it because they think it makes their penises look larger: Don't. Really, it just makes your dick look like the bottom end of a slightly runny ice cream sundae. Plus, you start getting into creepy "I want to look like an adolescent twink, even though I'm 30 and have a mortgage" territory, which ... no. Look like a grown-up, please. A little trimming is fine. Tidiness is great! Tidiness is appealing! But draw the line at looking like the guy from "Powder."


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