What Gods Have We Angered That We Still Have to Deal With 'Women Be Talking' Jokes?

Here's more of the tired trope of "men ignore women to watch sports and play video games!"

This dead-ass dad joke never gets old for some dudes. It's bad enough when older men think this is funny, but when a dude in under the age of 40 is producing this shit, it's sad. It's so sad, because it's easy, boring, and also NOT TRUE. Bro, show your face. You know you'd love to lose your v-card to that girl — and yet, LOL BOOB PICTURES. It's surprising he didn't just put on some Google Glasses porn and start masturbating at the table while she yammered on and on about the Global A.I.D.S epidemic. Women be shopping!


Heads-up baby misogynists: There must be new ways to show the oh-so-hilarious interactions between men and women other than covering the same garbage in new glasses. Please be more creative! Do what 30 Rock did for the sitcom — but with terrible sexist jokes! We believe in you — you can insult everyone and still be funny. You can Have It All.

Finally, the amount of people who commented "LOL HILARIOUS" on this video is more concerning than the Sequester. (That is a joke.) (Mostly.)

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