What Follows Is The Work Of A 28-Year-Old Man...

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Early last spring someone we know had ill-advised sex with a co-worker on a new job. The way she explained it, she needed to get laid and he seemed relatively harmless. He was just under a year younger than she was, so she figured he was neither too young nor too old to get too, like, crazy, and the fact that he was funny, a heavy drinker and unusually tall led her to believe that, despite not being particularly conventionally handsome, he got laid sufficiently often that he would not, you know, become some obsessed stalker. WRONG! He became convinced that they were "exactly alike," and she cut it off after a few displays of evidence they were, um, really not. She tried to blame it on the job, and irritability due to her (very, very mild) Ritalin use. Fast forward a few months, and she receives an email from him explaining that they could not hang out because she made him like "Ross," whereas he generally preferred playing the role of "Chandler." Now, given what she knew of "Ross," a 'Friends' reference seemed somehow off, so she shared the story with a friend we'll call Phoebe, who'd seen "Ross" the night before. "Oh my god, he SAID that?" Phoebe asked, incredulous. It seemed that the week before, when Rachel had changed her Facebook status to "in a relationship" as a joke with another friend, "Ross" had decided to write a list of ten things he hated about "Rachel" and post it to his Livejournal (after the jump.) "Okayyy, 'Ross from Friends,'" Phoebe said sarcastically. Needless to say, Ross later became obsessed with Stacy...


Facebook : "Rachel Green" is now in a relationship.

true or not true why should i care and why does it make me sick to my stomach? i mean:

- we've already done it several times

- she is a mean horrible bitch towards me

- she's does drugs that make her even meaner

- she has man hands and her head looks like a fish/frog

- she has horrible skin and small saggy breasts (and she's only 28)

- she owns 3 pairs of shoes, one pair which are so discusting they should have been thrown out years ago

- i know she is horrible for me in a relationship or even friendship

- i have avoided seeing her in person for over 2 months even when she has constantly invited me to hang out

- she always has ideas for videos and then never wants to shoot them

- the last video i made for her site she never added my name for credit (petty i know, but you know, while i was at it)



This whole exchange is making me crush on Moe a little bit.