Hey! It's the Los Angeles Laker's official championship victory party at Club Nokia! So let's all...dress somberly? And invite Kathy Hilton? (And, you know, Nicky and Garcelle and Audrina.) Woot!

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The Apropos: Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon is the only one who's dressed remotely as we'd imagine one should for a "victory party." Wouldn't the dress code be "festive?"

Be Prepared: Lisa Rinna at least brings a little color, even if one suspects this is what she could have walked off the street in; I don't imagine her dressing down. But maybe that's unfair.


The Somber: Kaley Cuoco looks ready for a (chic! Maybe Rachel Zoe-styled) funeral.


Wall Street: Erika Christensen is interview-ready! I mean, I know players have to suit up when they're repping the team, and obviously some coaches choose to go all Pat Reilly. But neither of these things explains this. Not that she doesn't look sharp!

Water Baby: I'll just say what nobody else is thinking: Audrina's dress looks like the world's dowdiest, most ill-fitting bathing suit. Never a good thing in a dress. Even if only one crazy person thinks it.


What Say You about Nicky Hilton's exercise in relative restraint?


Golden Girl: Actually? I think Kathy Hilton should just embrace full-on Blanche Devereaux! I'd like to see a bedazzled two-piece ensemble of some description next week, please.

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