Back when I first saw the Tina Fey American Express ad at left, in which she's literally a prisoner of her own paperwork, I felt a wave of relief: Smart, funny Fey is a total mess, just like me! (The part of my brain that secretly wondered if a stylist had manufactured the clutter just for the photo shoot? I shut that off.) I suggested to Anna that we do some sort of "here's what my workspace looks like" post, because it would shed light on what we do all day — and the readers could submit what their desks look like, too. She said sure; I forgot to write it. Today, MSNBC has a story called "Your Messy Desks." Bastards! Anyway… on to our workspaces.

This is where I work:


Jumbo monitor connected to laptop, the best $900 I ever spent. You're probably thinking this doesn't look that messy.

Here's the rest of it.

Trainwreck. I swear that when I worked at a teen magazine in an office at a job that was not as hectic, I kept things neater and decorated. In fact my cube looked like this. Moving on.

This is how Maria works:


It looks like a commercial for home delivery of the New York Times. Actual fruit! In a bowl!

Tracie works in this sexy environment:


Fuzzy pillows, mmmm.

This is Jessica's desk:


But! She actually works on the couch:


Looks comfy!

This is Anna's desk. Please note the flowers. A nice touch and a good balance for the cigarettes and caffeine products.


Megan works here:


OMG. Shooz.

This sliver of couch is where Moe works:


You're encouraged to take a picture of your cube, couch or corner office and submit it in the comments.

Your Messy Desks [MSNBC]

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