What Does It Mean To Be A "Typical" Woman?

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The differences between the sexes are fairly obvious, but even more interesting are the differences within each sex, according to a story in The Independent. There are "tomboys" and "girly-girls," robust female weight lifters and lithe fashion models. The paper states: "Recent evidence supports the idea of psychological gender as a spectrum, and that your place on the spectrum is not necessarily related to your genetic or physical gender." Immediately following this a is a quiz, where readers can choose from two options for each question to find out if they are "typical" of their gender.For instance: Do you prefer a bath or a shower? Do you tend to have chapped lips or use Chapstick? Do you drink lager or gin and tonic? But! Does being a man who likes to bathe really mean he's in touch with his feminine side? Does being a woman who likes to shop and spend a day at the spa really mean she's a "typical" female? According to the scoring of this questionnaire, (put together by Phillip Hodson, of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), even if you're a woman who watches football and hates to shop, you're not necessarily a tomboy, "just a girl who dares to be different." Dares? And! If you're a man who moisturizes and can't find his keys, you're "in touch with your femininity," which could help you "empathize with the opposite sex." The question is: If we're living in an age when women box and race cars and men wax their hair and shop, is there such a thing as "typical" behavior for your gender anymore? (And! What kind of score did you get? I'm a 9, which is in the "middle ground" but closer to the manly side, heh.) Questionnaire: Are you gender typical?, Scoring [The Independent]


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Some days I want to moisturize my whole body, some days just my face, other days, my cat.