Men's Health just put out a list of "50 Things Men Wish You Knew" and never have we snapped down so forcefully on our little mouse button and hungrily attacked a piece of internet text. Ladies! You heard it there first: men like women who are good in bed, know about sports, can convey thoughts without sounding like an idiot or a nag, and "err on the side of hot." But it was 19. There's no better sound in the world than you, having an orgasm. and 23. You're really bad at faking it. that made us think of our own rule we'd like all men to know: if the sound of our orgasm is getting you off, we're probably really good at faking it.

So knocking our inability to fake isn't really gonna get us off! We asked our friends. In bed some of them curse, some of them try really hard to remember to say the name of their partners, others use that time to acknowledge the existence of a deity, and some of us scream out of habit from years spent faking it. But alone, most of us sound like, "Unnnnnnuhhhhnnnh." The sound of an actual orgasm is pretty whatevs.

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