What Do You Think Of The Women's Roles Nominated For Emmy Awards?

The Primetime Emmy nominations came out this morning, so we decided to round up the actresses nominated to get a better sense of what is being offered to - and celebrated - with regards to female performers in Hollywood. There were some surprises (did you know that Pushing Daisies was still on the air?), some absurdities (Two And A Half Men? Really?), but, as, Helen Mirren and countless other thespians have pointed out are a lot more meatier and complex roles on television for women these days. After the jump, a list of the work by women that was formally recognized this morning. Do American women see themselves reflected in these characters? Your thoughts, as always, in the comments.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

• Actress: Tina Fey; Show: 30 Rock; Role: Head writer/producer of a late night comedy show.

• Actress: Christina Applegate; Show: Samantha Who?; Role: VP of a real estate company who suffers from amnesia

• Actress: Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Show: The New Adventures Of Old Christine; Role: Owner of female gym and single mother

• Actress: America Ferrera; Show: Ugly Betty; Role: Fashion-challenged assistant to an editor at a fashion magazine

• Actress: Mary-Louise Parker; Show: Weeds; Role: Single suburban mother who sells pot to make ends meet


Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

• Actress: Sally Field; Show: Brothers & Sisters; Role: Matriarch of troubled family

• Actress: Glenn Close; Show: Damages; Role: Successful but ruthless lawyer

• Actress: Mariska Hargitay; Show: Law & Order: SVU; Role: Police detective with a heart of gold and a difficult past

• Actress: Holly Hunter; Show: Saving Grace; Role: Slutty, hard-drinking detective whom an angel has told is going to Hell

• Actress: Kyra Sedgwick; Show: The Closer; Role: Smart but off-putting deputy chief for the LAPD

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or Movie

• Actress: Phylicia Rashad; Show: A Raisin In The Sun; Role: Widowed matriarch of a struggling Chicago family that dreams of buying a home

• Actress: Catherine Keener; Show: An American Crime; Role: Crazy divorcee who facilitates torture of a teenage girl

• Actress: Susan Sarandon; Show: Bernard And Doris; Role: Millionaire who leaves fortune to gay butler/best friend

• Actress: Dame Judi Dench; Show: Cranford; Role: Unmarried woman who places propriety at the utmost importance

• Actress: Laura Linney; Show: John Adams; Role: John Adams' intelligent, headstrong wife, Abigail Adams

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

• Actress: Kristen Chenoweth; Show: Pushing Daisies; Role: Restaurant waitress and admirer of main male character (and boss), Ned

• Actress: Jean Smart; Show: Samantha Who?; Role: Estranged mother with a "bad" side

• Actress: Amy Poehler; Show: Saturday Night Live; Role: various

• Actress: Holland Taylor; Show: Two And A Half Men; Role: Mother known for her promiscuity and shabby treatment of others

• Actress: Vanessa Williams; Show: Ugly Betty; Role: Diva editor-and-chief of fashion magazine

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

• Actress: Candice Bergen; Show: Boston Legal; Role: Smart, sexy, dignified and successful lawyer

• Actress: Rachel Griffiths; Show: Brothers & Sisters; Role: Head of a successful family business who has trouble balancing work with her personal life as a mother and wife

• Actress: Chandra Wilson; Show: Grey's Anatomy; Role: Blunt and tough chief resident surgeon

• Actress: Sandra Oh; Show: Grey's Anatomy; Role: Driven but emotionally-challenged doctor/surgeon

• Actress: Dianne Wiest; Show: In Treatment; Role: Psychiatrist, mentor


Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie

• Actress: Audra McDonald; Show: A Raisin In The Sun; Role: Obedient, overworked daughter-in-law to Lena Younger

• Actress: Eileen Atkins; Show: Cranford; Role: Older sister to Dench's character, also a spinster

• Actress: Ashley Jensen; Show: Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale; Role: Well-meaning but socially inept and boy-crazy single Londoner, actress

• Actress: Alfre Woodward; Show: Pictures Of Hollis Woods; Role: Social worker who tries to find a home for a troubled teen

• Actress: Laura Dern; Show: Recount; Role: Bush administration lackey Katherine Harris

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The 60th Primetime Emmys air September 21st on ABC.

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