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What Do You Do With The "Missing White Girl" Story?

Illustration for article titled What Do You Do With The Missing White Girl Story?

The trouble with the "missing white woman" beat is I'm never quite sure what I'm supposed to learn from those stories. Part of it is that I'm too ADD to get sufficiently engrossed in the details, because it often happens years later that a story like Natalee Hollaway gets recapped in Vanity Fair and I'm like, "Holy shit this makes up for all those hours I wasted trying to figure out who killed Chandra Levy." So anyway, Stacy Peterson. Could I be forgiven for assuming they were talking about Lacey Petersen the first few days of this? She married a cop thirty years her senior at nineteen years old. His ex-wife had "drowned" suspiciously. Another ex-wife feared "accidents" and says he was abusive. He goes on Today to talk to Matt Lauer and shows no signs of remorse or really, humanity. Blames her desire to divorce him on her "menstrual cycle." He gets away with all of it, because he's a cop. And what do you say? What do you learn from this? Some people are not twisted or manipulative in a way that is at all interesting or relatable or revelatory of the human condition but can only be called "evil"?


And they prey on the weak, and the young, and the meek, and the trusting? Fuck, isn't this shit what Law & Order is for? On Law & Order, shits like this guy get sentenced to life and it only takes an hour. When it happens in real life, you start to rethink your position on the death penalty.

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@broad: Wow, why did my comment disappear?

Anyway, BDJ, the jist the story in the Sun-Times is that Stacy and her sibs had a bullshit childhood, so she was ripe for ending up with someone who would "save" her.