What Do Gay Men Think Of "Vulva", The Ladyparts Perfume?

Remember how we told you about Vulva, the fragrance that's supposed to smell just like a vagina? Well, our vial of the stuff finally came in the mail — all the way from Germany! — and we decided to take it to the streets of NYC's gay-friendly Chelsea neighborhood, where we conducted a blind smell test between Vulva and Britney Spears' latest scent, In Control, shot by video hunk Alex Goldberg. (For added effect, we had Jezebel buddy Ryan pour Vulva on his fingers instead of using the blotters we swiped from Sephora.)


Tracie Egan Morrissey

@serreca: it smells like a crotch more than it smells like a vagina. it's sort of unisex sweaty crotch. it's unpleasant. and my fucking bag still smells like it. it's making me sick.