Missing white girl! The name is Maria Lauterbach and she's a pregnant marine, age 20. She's been missing since December 14. Her cell phone was found at the front gate of her base, Camp Lejeune, on December 20. On Christmas Eve, her bank account showed "suspicious activity." Her blue Hyundai just turned up abandoned at a Jacksonville, Florida bus station. If she's alive, she's due any day now. What's the deal? According to the Marine Corps Times, she was a witness in some unnamed "incident" that took place on base and was scheduled to testify. (Also according to the Marines Corps Times, there are a lot of uncloseted gays in the military, including one with a "secret porn past") But back to Maria: what did she see? Think it involved an assault of some kind? Sexual, perhaps?

I'm just speculating, of course. I searched Nexis for clues โ€” so resourceful, I know โ€” and came up dry. In the meantime, her mother is very worried and the details of the case will no doubt become more sordid and disturbing. Although she could also be on some secret prenatal yoga retreat. Wouldn't it be nice if that happened in these cases once in awhile?


Pregnant Marine Missing From North Carolina Base [CNN]