Salon writer Rebecca Traister joins the Michelle Obama lovetrain today, going so far as to say she reminds her of Bill Clinton, he of the pulsing pheromones, whom she's already established she wants very much to do. Is Rebecca switching teams? Do we learn anything new other than three dozen different ways Michelle is rad? Let's see: she took her daughter on a scary amusement park ride once and now her daughter won't trust her "judgment," she reads books to children and they double over with laughter the way we do watching Stella, she improves her jokes every time she gives a stump speech, and people fall all over her. Traister calls her humor "borscht belt" and likens her to Roseanne, if Roseanne were married to Tony Soprano, which is one of those analogies I'm not gonna even try to, as Audrina I mean JustinBobby would say,"fathom." Oh, AND.

At the same lunch, in a conversation about husbands and their habits, Obama drops a wiseass comment about Barack that is sweet and funny, but precisely the kind of quip that would look bad plastered on tabloid covers. As soon as the words have left her mouth, she remembers there is a reporter at the table, and shoots me an imploring glance and a firm shake of the head: That, she's saying, is off the record.


Rebecca, that's not how the rules work! You can't take something "off the record" when you already said it! You know this!! What did she say??????

But okay. You're protecting your girl, we understand. And we took you for such a Clintonite! Do we detect something has changed?

Talk turns to the quality of the Hardee's. This is a McDonald's-loyal group, but everyone is impressed. They like the curly fries; they like the table service; they like the Hawaiian chicken sandwich. Michelle surveys the table and hoists her eyebrows to dry perfection, appraising her charges-slash-baby sitters with unhidden amusement, and says, "In summary, I think we can safely say that we are all very pleased with our Hardee's experience."

We think we do! Incidentally, your wild metaphors are kinda growing on us.

Michelle Obama Gets Real [Salon]


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