What Color Is Rihanna's "Nude"?

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Rihanna's new fragrance is called, "Nude." As Dodai points out in her post on nude colored shoes, "the dictionary lists one definition of 'nude' as 'the color of a white person's flesh." Does not compute!


Maybe what we believe to be her skin is just a suit that she wears all the time? Or maybe underneath her dark-colored skin, she has white skin? OrMaybe she really is nude under there, who knows. Maybe she's really Reese Witherspoon and Reese Witherspoon is she, has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? That's all I'm saying. But not really.

I will say, I'm sure there are many people who don't know that "nude" refers to the color of a white person's flesh, maybe they think it just means "naked." But even with that explanation — what's with the light-colored lingerie? And why isn't the color of the packaging darker? If they were referring to Rihanna naked, which, WILD GUESS, I think they might be, then why are all the components so damn white?

Am I nuts for expecting a leeetle better from Rihanna? I know the answer is yes, but I thought maybe she was a little more thoughtful about shit based on what she tweeted back to that idiot who asked why her hair was nappy: "cuz I'm black bitch!!!!" That was rad. That shoulda been the name of her perfume. Or, really, pretty much anything else, because hello, BE CREATIVE. Fucking advertising!




It's a scent, not makeup!

If I come up with a perfume and call it "peach," are you going to give me heck because it tastes like shit when you think it should taste like peaches?