The Sundance Film Festival now includes an annual ping-pong tournament "to keep the cool kids warm in the snow." But some cool kids/celebrities would rather play the game than watch, as these pics prove. Let's read their minds together!

"The saleslady at Lululemon said this fur coat would enhance my mobility, but I'm not so sure about that right now."—Aubrey O'Day

"Jesus Christ Aubrey, get out of the way already. It's my turn to shine. My turn."—Lindsay Rielly

"OMG I am having so much fun right now! This is way easier than being on Celebrity Apprentice." — Lil' Jon


I don't have a boyfriend, but I've definitely got you, you stupid plastic ball. Wow, look at how fucking calm I am." — Susan Sarandon


"Let's go, let's go! I want to get out of her soon. Jonesing for a turkey burger."—John Salley

"Maybe if we play a couple dozen more games, I can wear her down and get her to talk about what's really going on with Jonathan Bricklin." — Maria Menounos


"I wonder if Jon will trade outfits with me. Should I ask? Hmmm."—Sarandon, eying Lil' Jon's sporty outfit