What Are Your Biggest Fashion Regrets?

The number one trending topic on Twitter at the moment is #whostillwears, a hashtag devoted to mocking once-hot styles that have fallen out of fashion, such as Crocs, Uggs, and "white socks with black shoes if you're not Michael Jackson."

The disdain people seem to have for fallen trends is pretty funny, for when you're mocking someone for still rocking butterfly clips or JNCOs or scrunchies, you're really mocking the part of yourself that used to think those things were pretty damn awesome, or, at the very least, you're bonding with everyone else who grew up thinking that wearing your jeans backwards, Kris Kross style, was hot for that minute there in 1991. Here, we have a video representation of one of my personal fashion regrets, the Ogilvie Home Perm I begged my aunt to give me when I was 10 years old:

Other personal fashion regrets: silver lipstick during a particularly gothy phase in 1995, overalls, a half-assed attempt at rebellion without permanent attachment that resulted in an ill-advised tongue ring at the age of 19 that might have looked cool on someone else but looked completely idiotic on me, and basically everything I ever bought at Contempo Casuals.


So what are your biggest fashion regrets? Feel free to post them in the comments.

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