Inspired by American Bedu's list of what Saudi women can and cannot do, we've compiled a corresponding list for American women.


American Bedu points out that while Saudi women can't drive or visit a graveyard, they can own property and businesses. Here's our list of the rights and restrictions for women here in the US of A.

American women can:

— drive
— vote
— run for President
— be really rich (but it helps if you're a Walton)
— join the Navy
— compete in the Olympics (but not in boxing)
— top the New York Times Best Seller List
— become men

American women cannot:

— walk alone at night without fear of being assaulted
— buy birth control pills without a prescription (except Plan B)
— marry another woman (except in Massachusetts and Connecticut)
— be a Navy SEAL
— play professional baseball
— get fat without apologizing for it
— look plain without getting shit for it
— look hot or get drunk without "asking for it"


Now add your own!

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