I have stickers on the door of my apartment. I started with one, added a few more and soon it was a stickered door. One day I came home and found a new sticker, placed there by a neighbor. And I realized: When people know you're passionate about something, they love to help! That's what Preston Fosback and his mother, Kristine, found out when their Barack Obama sign was stolen from their front yard in Portland, OR. They put up another sign, and that one was stolen, too. (It's going around: Anna says her mom's Obama sign got stolen on Saturday after sitting in her yard for 3 hours.)Anyway, 16-year-old Preston had an idea: He set up a video camera inside the house and focused it on their new sign, outside the window. He hooked the camera up to a live stream on a website, explaining why his Obama sign needed surveillance. By the first night, 100 people were watching. The next day, 450 people had their eye on Preston's sign, reports the Wall Street Journal. And the vigilant were not only from around the U.S. but as far away as Australia, Sri Lanka and Japan. (I logged on and saw someone from Belgium. Other than that, nothing really happens. Sometimes a car passes by; apparently it's a high point if a squirrel scurries into the frame.) Anyway, because this is about hope, let's focus on how good it feels that although a few people did something awful — steal an Obama sign — more people are nice and willing to help! And let's not think about how sad it is that when viewers of the live stream actually saw two teenage girls trying to steal the garden gnome on Preston's lawn, there was nothing they could do about except type "PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" into the chat field. In Sign of the Times, Global Village Gathers to Watch a Sign [WSJ] Obama Sign CCTV 1 [UStream]