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Ashley Todd, the McCain volunteer who falsely claimed that an African-American Obama supporter assaulted her, has a history of lying. Todd, a native Texan, originally worked for the Ron Paul campaign during the primaries, but was fired after she posed as a Huckabee worker and called his supporters asking for "their strategies." Todd also claimed her car had been attacked because of her Ron Paul bumper stickers and she told her hometown's GOP chairman that she was being treated for cancer and had lost all her hair. [NY Post]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Ashley Todd beat me up and took my H&M purse because she thought the H and M stood for Humphrey and Mondale. Then, two days later, she kicked me in the shins when I came out of Planned Parenthood and when I got home, my front door was spray painted with an "L" for Life. Ashley Todd used to work for the Philadelphia Phillies and has been spying on the Tampa Bay Rays for the entire season. Ashley Todd helped Jeffrey win Project Runway. Ashley Todd killed JFK.