We've sort of covered this topic before, so we're not shocked: Apparently, a person's body mass index (BMI) might not be the best way to determine the healthiness of their weight. BMI only gives a ratio of weight to height. It sorta leaves out some big things like, fat versus muscle and frame size. We expect this to impact the fashion industry's current struggles over models and their weight not at all, as most models have neither fat nor muscles. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]


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Why is the most important impact the BMI being proven to be bullshit the fashion industry? Honestly. What about those misguided school districts that measure the poor kid's BMI and subject them to the shame of being over or under the 'standard' BMI for the height? Why is ok for public schools to do that? The BMI bullshit factor has much wider reaching implication than for one completely self absorbed industry. I'd rather THAT be the topic of discussion.

@ceejeemcbeegee: People chew and spit in public? That's disgusting.