According to a forthcoming study from Washington & Lee University School of Law Prof. Robin Fretwell Wilson, women with MBAs, MDs and JDs are much more likely to get divorced than men with the same graduate degrees. Fretwell Wilson tells the Wall Street Journal: "It's like the Virginia Slims ad โ€” we've come so far โ€” but, man, we haven't come so far...women can't have it all because there is a social stigma to having or being a stay-at-home spouse." Women with MBAs have divorce rates that are higher than women with only bachelor degrees, while women with MDs and JDs have lower divorce rates than women who are merely college educated. Female doctors and lawyers, however, are still more likely to get divorced than men who are doctors and lawyers, Fretwell Wilson's study shows. Wilson's advice to high achieving women: they "should be targeting particularly loving and supportive men." [WSJ]