Were The Dinosaurs Stay-At-Home Dads?

Male dinosaurs in some species may have incubated the eggs in their nests, according to new research.

Paleontologists at Montana State University have found evidence that in three species of birdlike dinosaurs, Oviraptor, Citipati, and Troodon, it was the male dinosaur who stayed with the nest. Bones from the three specimens were found near very large nests with as many as 30 eggs each. After comparing the nest size of birds and crocodiles (the closest living relatives to dinosaurs) the researchers found that males tend to take care of the largest nests and theorized that the same was true for dinosaurs. Their conclusion is supported by biologists at Florida State University who analyzed the bone tissue of seven dinosaur specimens found near nests. None of the samples showed signs of changes associated with egg laying, which may indicate they were male. [Science Now]


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