Were Ray J & Whitney Filming a Reality Show?

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Theirs was an unlikely love: She was a superstar divorcee and he—18 years her junior—was best known for a starring in the homemade sex tape that launched Kim Kardashian's career. But Whitney Houston and Ray J's romantic relationship had been five years strong when she passed away on February 11. And in the days leading up to her untimely demise, Ray J played a significant role in her life, even serving as the catalyst in a bizarre bar fight Whitney started with X Factor contestant Stacy Francis, after which the pop diva was photographed bloody and sweating. Still, despite their long-term relationship, there are some within the onetime couple's inner circle, that questioned Ray J's motivations, telling The Daily Beast that he had been trying to sell a reality show that would feature his romance with Whitney. "It was his show, and they shot footage of the two of them together that appeared in the sizzle reel, which was being used to pitch the show," Ray J's publicist Courtney Barnes confirms.


Neither of them were strangers to reality television. Ray J starred in For the Love of Ray J and Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business for VH1. Of course, Whitney infamously appeared in ex-husband Bobby Brown's Bravo show Being Bobby Brown, which many considered a misguided move on her part to help his career. When asked if he was still shopping his reality show in light of recent events, Ray J's publicist simply said, "I don't know."

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I never liked Ray J with Whitney. He just seemed as though he was riding on her coattails and enabling her.

Ray J can try as much as he wants to become famous, but he will never be anything more than Brandy's little brother and Kim K's lesser known sex tape co-star. He can't sing, act, or dance. Give it up and get a real job, and stop trying to make "riding on folks' coattails" a career.