We're of two minds about this site, the Shape of a Mother, where women post their pre, during and after pregnancy pictures and stories. On one hand, it's great that these new and almost-moms have a forum to discuss and revere their different, changing bodies — most real women are not going to look like Heidi Klum does post-baby and go back to their pre-rugrat shape in three weeks. Nor should they be expected to! On the other hand, some of these photos are fucking terrifying. Definitely NSFW, and possibly NSF procreating either. [The Shape of a Mother , The Shape of a Mother Photo Pool]

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I've had two kids, one c-section one all-natural, and the immediate aftermath can be shocking. Flaming red stretch marks, stitches, swollen bits, droopy bits, etc etc. But c'mon - it's a major physical trial, of course your body doesn't just snap back into place in 24 hours. You're not a Barbie doll FFS.

The major stuff calms down after the first few weeks and if you work out and eat well you can look just as hot as you did before, sometimes even better. Your boobs and hips might be a different size (or not, depends) but if you're patient and make an effort it's not bad.

Plus, there's the added benefit of having a kid that, if you're doing it right, you will put above your personal vanity. You can't really imagine how much you love them and how little you care about the stupid shit you used to worry about unless/until you have one. Sorry if that sounds smug, but most people find it to be true.