We're feeling our age.

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Over at the NY Post, the fashionistas are raving about new kid on the style block, Chris Benz. And we agree, his clothes are hot, and he's almost hot except maybe just a bit too serial killer with the sideburns thing.


But, as he showed with his Fall 2007/8 collection, he's certainly one to watch. Just not by us:

"The Chris Benz girl is an ageless sophisticate, a reckless preppy who desires nothing more than to 'keep dancing'. Her style projects the collection's sense of imperfect perfection: the elegant tomboy with a feminine touch, equally at home in the Cafe Flore as she is in the Bowery, she is playfully impudent and always precise."


Oh dear. We think that Chris Benz would find us playfully ugly and fat, and while we'd love to 'keep dancing', our arthritic knees just won't play ball. Plus, we're more at home in a Starbucks than the Cafe Flore.

Oh well. We'll console ourselves with a nice little twinset from Lord & Taylor.

[dumb headline, though]

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