We're a bit puritanical when it comes to infidelity — stone them! String them up by their balls! Banish them to a remote island where humans are prey! But regardless, Columbian Senator Edgar Espindola might be taking the policing of marital infraction a wee bit too far. He's proposed a bill that would induce fines and community service on people who stray outside their marriage and hopes the law will encourage family values and shield children from broken homes. Our problem with this bill is not that we don't think philanderers should, you know, suffer — it's the idea that couples who are coerced into staying together for the sake of the kiddies win the family values competition. Not so! We come from a broken home (though Mommy and Daddy never cheated on each other) and it's actually totally awesome. Double the presents, double the parental guilt, double the fun! [Reuters]

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Where was this guy when my dumbass ex-husband ran off with a girl he knew for 6 weeks? I must say, there was not much that could be done to comfort me when I found out he was cheating, but I think that the sight of him in an orange vest picking up trash would have cheered me right on up!!