Have you been watching The Wendy Williams Show? If you're not (and you're home at 10 AM every weekday), then you should be. It's the talk radio star's live, morning talk show where she pretty much does the same thing she does on the radio — i.e., gossiping and butting into the business of celebs — but sporting nicer clothes and hair. Anyway, today while discussing gossip items about Missy Elliott (being afraid of natural childbirth) and Da Brat (she might have to serve time for assault), she basically outed them as lesbians, winked about Queen Latifah being the same, and then implied that Da Brat was more than just friends with Mariah, pre-Nick Cannon. Clip above.


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Well, I'm accusing Wendy Williams of first degree Sesame Street Muppetry, based on the still at the beginning of this video. Is she about to teach me about near and far, or about the alphabet? But then I press play and my high hopes are dashed to the ground, shattered into a thousand pieces.