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Though Ryan Murphy’s latest installment of his American Crime Story franchise won’t premiere for another six months or so, please look at whatever is happening here in this photo. Take it in. Soak it up. It’s a lot.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is based on Maureen Orth’s book Vulgar Favors and will focus on the connection between Versace and the man who killed him, Andrew Cunnann, played by Darren Criss and and pictured in that turquoise polo up there.

Entertainment Weekly will publish an exclusive “deep dive” into the making of the series (which has somehow pre-empted the intended second installation of this series about Hurricane Katrina), but until that thing hits the stands, please entertain yourself with this tidbit from writer Tom Rob Smith about what the show hopes to explore.

“Here are two men from comparable backgrounds that had all kinds of similarities...They came from parents who were striving but not wealthy. They had the Italian-heritage connection. This feeling of being an outsider. The sexuality connection. Why does one go on to become this incredible creator and great life force? And the other young man ends up destroying so much?”

If the cover photo isn’t enough for you, please enjoy these behind the scenes photos, which might be more fun than the actual show will be, who knows!

This is fun.

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Not as fun as before, but still pretty fun.

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Not “fun” in the actual sense of the word, but hey, there’s Ricky Martin.

Image via Backgrid.