Well Shit, Looks Like It's Anti-Abortion Judge Amy Coney Barrett

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Some lovely news to kick off your weekend: It seems that less than a week after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, Donald Trump has reportedly decided to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to replace her in the Supreme Court. A banner day for him, but less so for the rest of us, who will be forced to contend with whatever nightmarish decisions this woman makes around reproductive rights like abortion and birth control.


CNN reports that while Trump could still change his mind at the last minute, as he is often wont to do, Barrett’s pretty much the official pick. The official announcement is expected to come Saturday afternoon, so gird yourselves thusly. Barrett’s long been in the top running for the slot, per CBS News, which reports that Barrett visited the White House on Monday and met with Trump and his henchmen. But it’s important to remember that the seat she is presumed to be filling was vacated just last week; the body is still warm, as it were, and the casket is still in the Capitol, but Trump’s insistence on rushing the process means that we will be living in the dregs of his mess for decades to come.

Now that Trump has selected Barrett, the great rush is on to confirm her before Election Day, which means that in addition to contending with presidential debates and an ongoing global pandemic, we will now be forced to endure a televised confirmation hearing that should be a real blast for everyone involved. It seems foolhardy to rush into a decision like this that has long-lasting implications for the country, but as the New York Times notes, Trump has not interviewed anyone else for the job. Once again, the bare minimum wins.

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Hey third party voters/Susan Sarandon/people who didn’t bother to vote because of reasons aren’t you soooooo glad you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton? You have to keep in mind that in every election the fate of the SCOTUS is at stake