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Well, she's certainly big news now.

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So, farewell then, Anna Nicole Smith. We cared about you a little bit more than Rachel Bilsom and a little bit less than Mischa Barton.


But as the conspiracy theories swirl [It was the lawyer! It was the ex! It was evil Trimspa henchmen!], we think the situation is best summed up by this comment, over on Mefi:

"Probably a morbid issue to raise up, but can you imagine what the legal fuss over the inheritance is going to be now? According to the Wikipedia entry on her (which they've already updated- jeez, that was quick) her son's dead, her daughter's an infant who couldn't be a legal beneficiary, and her husband isn't legally married to her because they had an unlicensed ceremony in the Bahamas. And the guy who was suing her for the estate to begin with died last year.

So after all these years and all that nonsense, all the money might be held in escrow for a year-old kid. Which will probably go mostly toward therapy because sweet Christ, is this kid gonna grow up fucked up."


Amen to that.

[Celebrity dies. World stops turning.]
[Someone talks sense on Metafilter. World stops turning a bit more.]

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