Well Known Rapper Reese Witherspoon Has Some Lofty Career Goals

If Reese Witherspoon had her way she'd be cooking lasagna and making snow cones for all the female senators after a long day of working hard at the hospital. Wait, what? Hospital? Yes, a hospital. What? Like it's hard?


Witherspoon invited Vogue into her house for "73 questions," the fun middle-aged person's version of Cribs that's less about the bling and more about answering those "23 fun facts you didn't know about me" surveys that keep going around Facebook.

Here are some of the more interesting things you may have not known about Ms. Witherspoon: (Although, you do know who she is, right?) (Because that one policeman didn't and they had problems.)

  • If she were a rapper, her name would be Little Spoon.
  • Her favorite holiday is Easter. (Which makes zero sense because that is the worst holiday for presents. Painted eggs? Next!)
  • If she weren't an actress she would be an infant cardiologist. No, she did not stutter. I ber her bedside manner would be awesome. And she's already proven she can be an excellent lawyer. Actually, if I were an infant, I would feel very safe with Dr. Witherspoon.
  • The best part of being a mom is eating chicken fingers. This does not bode well for me, because I do not eat meat so being a parent will just be hell.
  • She has pool parties every weekend. You, me and everyone we know are not invited. But those that are get to see her Oscar, which lives in an ice bucket on the picnic table.
  • She believes that if Tracy Flick were a real person, she would be running the tea party. Agree.

The rest is definitely worth a watch. I hate to say it, but the video's actually pretty charming, if a little clinical and immaculately staged.



little coke spoon?