Well, Here's Another Man Who Paints Pictures With His Penis

We've already introduced you to the Danish man who used his dong to create a rather striking imitation of Kim Kardashian's butt-baring Paper cover. Well, here's another man, an Australian who wears a giant pink top hat, calls himself "Pricasso" and yes, also paints with his dick. Gotta say, his style isn't quite so much to my taste, but then art is a very personal matter.

This eyewitness news report by Coconuts TV comes to us via Digg. "Pricasso" uses his penis, scrotum, and occasionally buttcheeks to complete his various projects, which is surely an impressive technical feat. (If you'd like a view that's a little more up close and personal, try his Vimeo page. I cannot stress enough how very, very unsafe for work it is. Seriously, DO NOT CLICK if you are at work, unless you work somewhere like Gawker Media, in which case go right ahead and share it freely with your work pals.) "I find it very meditative," he explained.

But the final product might clash with your decor:

Never have subject matter and technique been so perfectly aligned.

But even if you aren't in the market for an enormous painting of a woman masturbating, wouldn't it be worthwhile to see the looks on visitors' faces when you informed them the enormous canvas hanging on your living room wall was painted by a dude who used his dick? A deal at twice the price, surely.

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