Looks like we got linked on some right-wing website because we woke up to find a few emails from Palin apologists in our inboxes. Click on the picture of Moosealini herself on the new issue of the National Review (h/t to a commenter on Politico for that nickname) to read their thoughts.

From: LJarmak To: Anna Cc: Dodai Subject: You just don't see the light...do you?? As a hard working middle-aged woman I was so disappointed on your view of Gov. Sarah (next VP) Palin. Don't you get it?? She is the ONE that will open the doors for all women to get further ahead!!! It does not matter if you agree or disagree with her politics....she will open the door for many others! You can't be so stupid as to think it can't be a conservative woman....are you???? Rumors have it that Biden will excuse himself from the ticket around October and the "desperado" Obama will put Hillary on to replace him....as a former Hillary supporter...my women Family and friends will be voting for McCain and Sarah Palin. Why is it even the most backward countries have/have had women leaders...why not the USA? Because its people like you...that secretly still want men to run it!!!!!!! Start thinking outside the box and not the men at the DNC! One of millions



From: William Smith To: Jessica Cc: Anna Subject line: Face It Ass... She's Going to Be the Next Vice President! She's the "One", not your vacuous headed 'teleprompter' candidate. Too bad you haven't done your research. She's what "womanhood" is ALL about. Suffer.

"Suffer"? Nah. This was just the morning pick-me up we wanted.