Welcome To: Weekend Jezebel

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Months and months (almost a year!) after first announcing the possibility of a weekend version of Jezebel, that possibility has become a reality. (Sorry for the delay ladies, but I've had a lot on my plate.) Starting on Saturday, our very own commenter moderator Hortense — ! — will be doing double duty and taking on the task of blogging the bookends of the work week. Needless to say, we're both thrilled and curious as to how many Monday-through-Friday people will turn out to join us on their off hours, and if this extended-Jezebel experiment will work. (We're open to ideas and suggestions — feel free to email me or Hortense directly.) See you on Saturday? Earlier: Wanted: Fun Loving Female; Loves Long Walks In The Weekend Rain



I really love the artwork accompanying this post.

Also, I am stoked to have new Jezebel goodness on the weekends.