Welcome To Vogue, The Reality Show

  • Vogue is launching a reality TV show. Okay, online, but still. "The show, called Model.Live, tracks three models as they navigate casting calls, catwalks and airports for fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris" reports the Wall Street Journal. The three protagonists are described variously as "kooky", "polished and sophisticated," and "the sweet, new kid." All, presumably, are children and have BMIs in the single digits. For all their excitement about this brave new venture, apparently Vogue has concerns about exposing the seamier side of fashion: "controversial behavior like smoking or drinking." I'm guessing they'll be thrilled if that's as "controversial" as the behavior gets. [WSJ]
  • Rachel Zoe is launching a perfume, along with her reality series. "This scent will really reflect her personal style and hopefully finally brand her" says a source. Eau de Raisin, anyone? [Fashion Week Daily]
  • La Zoe is also rumored to be O-U-T out as creative consultant at Halston. [ElleUK]
  • Rad Sri Lankan rapper MIA is launching a streetwear line, video to promote it. Actually makes more sense than most, as she started as an artist. [BlackBook]
  • Rachel Bilson is the face of...um, her own line. Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans. [WWD]
  • YSL's famously amazing modern art collection to hit the block at Christie's Paris. It's said to be worth about 600 million and is known to contain Picassos, Warhols and Mondrians.[WWD]
  • Speaking of auctions! If you're in New York today and need some curlers, stop by Christie's, where they're auctioning off James Brown's personal effects, including curlers, a dome hair dryer and a lame jumpsuit! [The Independent]
  • Define yourself via another arbitrary fashion quiz! (Which, secretly, we love.) Personally, seems "tartan" is my trend for Fall '08! [Guardian]
  • So, this juvenile prison in Japan has set prisoners to designing and making accessories. The, um, line includes "cotton aprons, tote bags and pouches controversially emblazoned with the character for ‘jail'" and has become all the rage amongst fashionistas; all products have sold out from the prison's site, and are on backorder. [Daily Express]
  • Coldplay wears the same outfit at every gig. The end. [The Sun]
  • French Wrangler launches some vaguely Rousseau-inspired ad campaign designed to "encourage who and what we fundamentally are, by putting all that is pure, natural and instinctive back into Man." In reality, this translates to what AdFreak describes accurately as "a minute's worth of glassy-eyed hippies stumbling around the woods." [AdFreak]
  • Anticpated rough second half forces retailers to get creative. [WWD]
  • In a case of unfortunate timing, Nike has pulled their re-released retro "Air Stab" sneaker after a rash of violent knife crime sin London. [Telegraph]
  • Kidada Jones, aka daughter-of-Quincy, sister-of-Rashida, works in product development for Disney. Here is what she says about her Tinkerbell tat: "She's sassy, loyal, stubborn and impulsive. She makes no apologies." [W]
  • Yeah, yeah, we know: hemlines predict the economy. [New York Times]
  • If the dollar weren't as weak as a new kitten, ShopStyleUK would be an awesome way to source small British designers. [fabsugar]
  • Lipstick Queen Poppy King on the Joker's lipstick choices: Jack Nicholson was "the power woman's Joker. He way overdoes the lip liner-very eighties." And the latest iteration? "Heath is the post-post-feminist's Joker. He is so deconstructionist with his red lipstick, it almost comes right back around to the Renaissance!" [Style.com]
  • As Fashion Week Daily puts it, "We love anything cause-y, especially when it's denim. " Um, I guess we agree, but now just want to distance ourselves from that quote. The caus-y denim in question? Aristocrat denim's new line, in which colored thread indicates a cause: "Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is teal, UNITY is yellow, Young Survival Coalition is pink, Love Heals is red and Earth Day Network is green. The jeans are sold at Scoop and 25% of each sale will go to the charity." Cause-y indeed! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • A few lucky 20-year-olds get to shake in their boots when Anna Wintour gives the Vogue interns their annual pep talk. Says the memo all the kids receive, "The presentation will start promptly at 9:00am. I recommend that everyone is seated in the auditorium by 8:45am in case Anna begins a few minutes early. If the door is closed when you arrive, do not enter because you will have to walk in front of Anna while she is presenting." [New York Magazine]
  • Kimora Lee Simmons on current affairs: "In this economy, the way that things are going right now, I really demand that all my divas young and old look fabulous. And I don't want them to spend their last dime doing it." [Style.com]

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