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Photojournalist Mariana Bazo traveled to Cuzco, Peru for a story about vertical birthing. Her tale — and photographs — are chilling, vivid and breathtaking. "The fact of me being a woman and a mother too was like an invitation into their world, even though I had never felt the same pain of birth that they were feeling," Bazo writes. "They always asked me if I had a child, and that opened the door for me." The mothers-to-be in the clinic receive no anesthesia. "The women scream out their pain, lying on the floor or pacing. They suffer, endure and survive in spite of not receiving anything for the pain." After she left the clinic, she visited some of the new mothers. "I had only planned to take pictures, but they invited me into their houses, gave me food and beverage, and had me hold their babies... It's for stories like these that I became a photographer." Click here for much more. [Reuters]


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@Sharli: thank you! I feel the same.

BUT, and I hope I say this the right way because no one here is wrong ...

Birth is completely natural, our bodies are incredible, time-tested machines that have evolved to produce offspring in the most natural, healthy and efficient way possible. That doesn't mean everyone "should" have babies and anyone who chooses to should have every birth option given to them and pick what's most comfortable. But does anyone else find all this trepidation of pain strange? It's your bodies ladies, embrace them and don't be afraid!